Leather Phone Chain for Hanging Phones+

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The MONAME® Crossbody Case features a classic black leather case and silver-coloured details. The shoulder strap is adjustable in size. The mobile phone chain is a must-have for any on-the-go activity or a chic stylish event.

CROSSBODY STRAP -Fits for comfortable, hands-free use; Belt easily detaches into a standalone mobile phone case; Belt dimensions 48"- 54""
LEATHER - Luxurious, pebble leather is vegan, durable and in a timeless style.
YOUR IPHONE MODEL? - Under Settings on your iPhone, click your Apple ID and scroll down. It will tell which model phone under your phone name!
The CROSSBODY CASE makes it easy to take your phone anywhere without having to hold it. It is ideal for most activities such as walking by dog, shopping, dancing and more. Wherever you go, you can do anything while you look chic!

MONAME® is the ultimate fashion accessory to protect your precious gadget and wear it hands-free. MONAME® the original luxury cross-body iPhone case. Its chic, functional design instantly turns your iPhone into a piece of stylish, wearable technology.

All MONAME® accessories are from Italy and are designed in Germany. We pour our hearts and souls into what we do and stand proudly behind every product.

Ready to simplify your lifestyle? Do what you love hands-free and order your CORSSBODY CASE from MONAME® today!

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Badges One Piece


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